4H Youth Ag Summit

I had the opportunity to photograph the 2013 4H Youth Ag Summit held in Calgary last week. It was a week of photographing delegates, mentors and speakers as well a Stampede breakfast held at the Calgary Stampede grounds.

Photographing conventions and events that goes on for several days is one of the most interesting and challenging tasks. Each day you want to produce photographs that does not look the same as the previous day, so to keep your images fresh, you will need to dive into your creative imagination and find unusual angels on an daily basis.

One task of photographing the event was also to photograph each delegate with their THREE objectives. Below is a collage of the participants and their sign with their objectives.


Orphanage Casa Hogar Alegre

A smiling boy at the Orphanage Casa Hogar Alegre

A visit to the orphanage Casa Hogar Alegre

I had the privilege to visit the orphanage Casa Hogar Alegre in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Mexico in December of 2000.


It was a great experience and it was the first time I had to work with lots of children around me and documenting them in their environment.


I was amazed to see the joy and curiosity in these children, even after all their life troubles they have gone through. Their smiles and openness melted my heart.


The people I travelled with left the orphanage to do a scenic tour of one of the National Parks nearby, but I felt it was much more rewarding to stay and interact with the children.


One thing I notice was that they were not camera shy.  It takes lots of patients to get a photo without children jumping in front of the camera, but the more they get to know you, the easier it gets. By staying put in the orphanage I was able to become part of their environment and I could then document them playing and interacting with their friends.


The evening before I left, I loaded my computer with all the photographs and showed the children the a slideshow of what I have photographed.  It was a big hit as they laughed and watched them selfs and their friends on the computer screen.


It was really hard to leave them behind when I left. Tears were shed, both by me and the children. I felt connected with them on a deep level and to this day I still think of them.


I still have a wish of going back to document it again, to bring more awareness to the public about all the good work that is being done to these children.


You can read the story about the Casa Hogar Alegre and the children of Chiapas, at http://mydy.com/occ/dec27.html


If you want to know more about Casa Hogar Alegre, or make a donation to the orphanage, please visit their website at  http://casahogaralegre.org .

Jack Layton

Jack Layton Calgary Stampede

I remember photographing Jack Layton a few times in Calgary.  I found him very helpful and full of life when I needed to photograph him.  Jack was a great subject.


“love is better than anger…

hope is better than fear…

optimism is better than despair…”


Jack Layton



Supermodel Johanna Stickland

Model Johanna Stickland in Paul Hardy spring collection

Super model Johanna Stickland of Mode Models wearing clothing from the Paul Hardy, Spring-Summer collection. Hair and Makeup by Carolyn Gallyer of Mode Models. Styling by Zaneta Bartosova of Mode Models.   Photography by Mikael Kjellstrom

Drilling Rig

Stoneham drilling rig

Edson, AB-20101215-Stoneham drilling rig #8 drilling just west of Edson Alberta, near Sundance Provincial Park, December 2010 during sunset. Photo by Mikael Kjellstrom, www.pixdesk.ca.

For the next week and a half I am out on a drilling rig in NW Alberta documenting and creating stock photographs.

The images will be available in the new year or as they become edited.  They will all be in my Industrial photo gallery at archive.pixdesk.ca

Here is a short video featuring the photographs of the Stoneham Drilling Rig #8 as well time lapse photography of the rig.

Timelaps and still shot of work on a drilling rig in the Edson area, Alberta. December – January 2010-2011.

Highway of Tears

A sign of 25-year-old Nicole Hoar of Red Deer, AB, where she was last seen while hitchhiking along Yellowhead 16 Hwy by the Gauthier Road intersection during a trip from Prince George to Smithers, B.C., June 21, 2002

Disappearance of female hitchhiker Nicole Hoar

I was sent up to Prince George in 2002 to do an indepth story with reporter Deborah Tetley of the disappearance of Nicole Hoar. We spent a day with the family, RCMP and then drove from Prince George up to Smithers to interview people she was meeting and after that we visited her tree planting friends in a forestry camp outside Prince George.

Below is a few links to recent stories in regards of the Highways of Tears that has been in the news this October 2010.

Vancouver Sun

Justice ministers vow action on missing women

Following a meeting of Canada’s justice ministers in Vancouver, the group vowed Friday 


Times Colonist

Justice ministers vow action on missing women

Federal and provincial ministers of justice wrapped up a two-day conference in 



Justice ministers vow action on missing women

18 women and girls went missing along the infamous “Highway of Tears” since 1990 . Photo Credit: Mikael Kjellstrom, Calgary Herald files 


Stockwell Day

Stockwell Day portrait

Portrait of Stockwell Day

One of my photographs that I took of Stockwell Day in 2007 during a press conference in Calgary have been published in many major newspapers across Canada in 2010.

Latest headlines with the photographs are:

Forecast of ‘cloud’ holds promise for governments


Public Service unions tell Stockwell Day to stop ‘roughshod’ tactics


It has also been published on Canada.com website.